Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks on businesses are increasing every day. We are getting an increasing number of customers reporting viruses, malware and ransomware on their systems. This can result in a huge amount of downtime.

There has been a prolific rise in cyber threats over the last few years and as a result, we have launched our Cyber Security Solution. The unprecedented rise in cyber crime means that Cyber Security is a hot topic and should be on every organisation’s agenda.

New ways of compromising IT networks and data are being developed all of the time which is why we are constantly researching and testing the leading defence methods.

Protecting your organisation and data from the threat of hackers, malware and viruses is a serious business. With so much critical data being held not only on your servers but also on laptops, desktops and hand-held devices, your business needs an integrated security solution.

We have implemented a wide range of security solutions for our clients and as such, have a wealth of expertise and experience of all the major security tools and technologies. These solutions include firewalls, antivirus, e-mail security and anti-spam.

Our new Cyber Security service uses industry leading Firewall devices and software which includes components to keep your network and all connected devices safe and secure. The features include Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Reputation Enabled Defence (RED), WebBlocker, Gateway Antivirus (GAV), Application Control, Network Discover, APT Blocker, Data Loss Prevention and Threat Detection and Response (TDR).