The AMA Response service provides organisations with a fast and effective service to resolve common IT related issues.

The AMA Response service comes with a dedicated, skilled and client driven team who understand your business, your needs and how IT works for you.

AMA Response includes unlimited access to your dedicated support team, both remotely and on the phone, for all users. It includes proactive workstation monitoring, back-up checking, antivirus and update management.  In the event onsite support time is required, this will be charged on an ad hoc basis keeping costs to a minimum.

Helpdesk Team

AMA will provide an unlimited telephone and remote support service from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays. This service will be used to provide direct and personalised IT support

Your dedicated support service will include:

  • A dedicated, direct dial telephone number
  • The recording and tracking of all IT support incidents
  • Full root cause analysis of calls
  • The closure of incidents and confirmation with each user
  • Recognition of any training requirements.

Our proven expertise is in ensuring that the stability of your IT infrastructure is such that our onsite presence is kept to a minimum, and ensuring our Helpdesk is trained to resolve the vast majority of issues over the telephone or via a remote connection in the first instance.

Our Helpdesk will be made up of experienced and personable team members who have many years’ experience and knowledge of supporting SME businesses. Their key attribute in addition to their technical skills is their ability to understand the issue our clients may be experiencing, and help them through resolving the call in a timely and empathetic manner.

Our Helpdesk categorise calls into three categories depending on the severity of an issue, though we aim to deal with all calls as they are logged:

  • Priority 1 – Immediate response
  • Priority 2 – Up to 4 hour response
  • Priority 3 – Up to 8 hour response

Complete Workstation Management and Web Filtering

Our Complete Response support service can include Management software on all of the devices covered by the support contract. In addition to the Management, we also include Web Protection which delivers comprehensive web security, web filtering and bandwidth monitoring, which:

  • Keeps your businesses critical data safe and users protected by securing against websites pushing malware, phishing, proxies, spyware, adware, ransomware, botnets and spam
  • Prevents your team visiting websites that although appear genuine, are actually false and hosting viruses
  • Applies time-based browsing rules and web content filtering policies across a robust range of website categories
  • Helps your team stay productive with common-sense web browsing policies designed for the workplace
  • Stays on top of bandwidth usage with alerts when you reach set thresholds, preventing your network from slowing down.