Many businesses are looking to migrate IT services to the Cloud, for smaller businesses the Cloud provides a cost-effective way of delivering IT services and support.

Traditionally, small businesses would need to invest in expensive server hardware, expensive software to run on the servers, they had to worry about security, back-ups, antivirus and much more besides. You would then have to pay an IT support provider to run your complex IT systems, to maintain them and invariably spend more money.

AMA have a new unique service designed for small businesses, it provides a cost-effective and hassle-free way to deliver you the IT services and support you need. These services are all delivered for one simple, easy to understand predictable monthly fee – there are no hidden extras or costly upgrade fees….ever.

Microsoft Azure

If you are considering moving some or all of your infrastructure or services to the Cloud, then Azure from Microsoft will fit the bill.

Microsoft Azure is a Cloud platform and infrastructure that allows businesses to move fully to the Cloud, or alternatively to operate hybrid solutions with some services, data or applications remaining onsite. At AMA we have substantial experience in helping organisations decide which route is best for their business, and using Azure gives us the flexibility to provide a tailored solution. Azure offers a wide array of benefits as you would expect from the market leader.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 from Microsoft provides businesses with the ability to run a number of critical services from the Cloud. Hosted in secure data centres and accessed via the Internet, services such as the latest e-mail, Microsoft Office and communication tools are now available for one simple and affordable fixed monthly fee.

Office 365 provides you hosted e-mail, use of the latest version of Office at all times, Skype for messaging and online meetings, and Sharepoint for a company intranet and data management, all from within a simple single service.