Looking for the key to unlocking a faster, more efficient tele-sales and distribution business?

December 16th, 2016

Looking for the Key to unlocking, a faster, more efficient tele-sales and distribution business? When you need to keep track of vast amounts of stock and sell them on to a substantial customer base, small mistakes can have a huge impact.   

  • Not quite sure if you have the stock to fill orders?
  • Can't get hold of the right person at the right time and have no way to automatically schedule better timed calls?
  • No records or templates of previous customer orders to refer back to?
  • Can't process orders in dual quantity?

All these common pain points in the tele-sales and distribution industry could cause you to lose out on both business and profit. But The solution you've been looking for is just around the corner.


ROADS (Rapid order and distribution system), is designed to make tele-sales and distribution easy with:  

  • Order templates - easily refer back to customers' previous orders
  • Auto-batch allocation and despatch confirmation - Organise the complete distribution process
  • Sales invoices, drivers' waybills and cash sheets - never lose track of payment
  • Easy to use, rapid order entry - maximise sales and move faster with ROADS
  • Daily call lists - make sure you always get the right person at the right time

Instantly become more efficient and profitable with ROADS. Gain the power and flexibility required to succeed in the tele-sales and distribution business. Rapid Order and Distribution System.

Industries ROADS is an ideal solution for: 

  • Food & Drink Manufacturers
  • Catering Supplies
  • Butcher & Meat Wholesalers
  • Fish Merchants & Processers
  • Coffee & Tea Suppliers
  • Breweries & Soft Drink Producers
  • Cleaning Materials & sundries
  • Fruit & Flower Distribution
  • Many more...

Like the sound of ROADS? What to do now...

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